The Uroboros

Fox, Ronald F. “The Uroboros.” In Molecular Evolution and Protobiology , pp. 413-420. Springer, Boston, MA, 1984.

The Uroboros myth has a very long history which can be traced back to 16th century B.C. Egypt (Hopkins, 1967), and perhaps earlier. A strong parallel developed in 4th century B.C. Greece in Platonic-Aristotelian philosophy. By the 4th century A.D., the writings of Zosimus provided the foundation for alchemy (Berthelot, 1885), which would flower in various forms during the centuries which followed. Throughout this long history, one concept was recurrently central, the Uroboros. As will be delineated in the following, this concept acquires a whole new level of significance in the modern context of molecular biology.

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