Swarm Chemistry

Hiroki Sayama, D.Sc.
sayama AT binghamton DOT edu
Last updated: 7/29/2018

"Swarm Chemistry" is interactive simulation software developed and used for the author’s research project on the collective dynamics of heterogeneous self-propelled particle swarms. Swarm agents (a.k.a. particles) steer their motion according to a set of simple kinetic rules, similar to those in Craig Reynolds’ “Boids”. Each agent in our model has its own kinetic parameters that may be different from others, so that you can mix several different types of swarm agents into a single population and see how they kinetically react and self-organize into a dynamic pattern.

Swarm Chemistry Homepage

Github repo for Mac code, by Mistuyoshi Yamazaki
Java source for 2d
Java source for 3d
Java JAR file 2d
Java JAR file 3d