Stability due to variability in daisyworld models

STÖCKER, SABINE. “STABILITY DUE TO VARIABILITY IN DAISYWORLD MODELS.” Journal of Biological Systems 3, no. 02 (1995): 331-339.


The Daisyworld is a mathematical model to describe a coupling between biosphere and climate. It was developed by J.E. Lovelock in context with the so-called Gaia-Hypothesis, which postulates that conditions on earth are suitable for life because of the existence of life itself. Some variations of the classical model will be discussed and so it can be shown, that the occurrence of mutations of the existing species will not harm the capability of regulating the system. Furthermore models provoking structures either in time or in space by self-organization will be presented. Such structures in time and space will enlarge the biological diversity and stabilize the system because of a more effective use of resources.

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