Simple Climate Models: Daisyworld and Potential For Classroom Instruction

BRANDON, AUDREY, and DR JOHN SNOW. “Simple Climate Models: Daisyworld and Potential For Classroom Instruction.” In 101st American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting . AMS, 2021.


In the 1980s, Watson and Lovelock demonstrated using Daisyworld that biota may have strong impacts on the environment in which they live. Through investigations with simple models such as this, the behavior of more complex, big picture models becomes easier to understand. This gives simple models an important place in education as a way to explore aspects of the world around us. This study uses Stella modeling software to create simple variations on Daisyworld, explain them, and explore how modeling could have uses in the classroom and specific instances where models might be useful. A case is made for using hypothetical models like Daisyworld instead of simplified models of the Earth. Conclusions include potential ways to further exploration of classroom applications and pedagogy since few studies were found that specifically addressed that aspect of modeling.

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