Resolving the anomaly of bare habitable ground in Daisyworld

Hankin, Robin KS, and Neil Mitchell. “Resolving the anomaly of bare habitable ground in Daisyworld.” Tellus B: Chemical and Physical Meteorology 63, no. 1 (2011): 140-143.


The parable of Daisyworld places biological homeostasis on a non-teleological basis. However, one feature of Daisyworld is that, at equilibrium, the system appears to require habitable but bare ground. The presence of bare ground is an unavoidable consequence of the death rate parameter Υ. Here, we simplifyWatson and Lovelock’s original formulation by removing Υ and allowing instead the black and white daisies to infiltrate each others’ territory. This device furnishes a model in which the area of bare ground asymptotically approaches zero. The infiltration process is modelled in terms of a parameter that is ecologically interpretable as a quantification of the incumbent advantage enjoyed by the dominant species.

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