Pattern formation throught spatial interactions in a modified Daisyworld model

Alberti, Tommaso, Leonardo Primavera, Fabio Lepreti, Antonio Vecchio, and Vincenzo Carbone. “Pattern formation through spatial interactions in a modified Daisyworld model.” (2014).


According to the Daisyworld model, the interactions between an Earth-like planet, its biosphere and the solar incoming radiation are enough toself-regulate the global climate on the planet, thus maintaining the conditions for life, even for relatively small variations of the incoming radiation. Here we investigate a modified version of the Daisyworld model where a spatial dependency on latitude is introduced, and both a variable heat diffusivity along latitudes and a simple greenhouse model are included. We show that the spatial interactions between the variables of the system can generate some equilibrium dynamics which can locally stabilize the coexistence of the two vegetation types. The feedback on albedo is able to generate new equilibrium solutions which can efficiently self-regulate the planet climate, even for values of the solar luminosity relatively far from the current Earth conditions.

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