MODES Toolbox


The MODES Toolbox: Measurements of Open-Ended Dynamics in Evolving Systems

Code and implementations:

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Bryson, D., Baer, B., Ofria, C., Barrick, J., Vostinar, A., Goldsby, H., Zaman, L., Chandler, C., Goings, S., Dolson, E., Vogel, M., Covert, A., Wright, G., Nahum, J., Misevic, D., Wagner, A., Rupp, M., Yilmaz, E., Pakanati, A., & Biswas, R. (2018). Code for using MODES metrics in Avida. Available here.

Dolson, E. (2018). Data, code, and supplemental figures for the MODES toolbox. Available here.

A library of tools for scientific software development, with emphasis on also being able to build web interfaces using Emscripten:

Ofria, C., Dolson, E., Lalejini, A., Fenton, J., Jorgensen, S., Miller, R., Moreno, M. A., Stredwick, J., Zaman, L., Schossau, J., Gillespie, L., C G, N. & Vostinar, A. (2018). Empirical, Oct. Available here

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