Introduction to Recent Developments in Living Technology

Bedau, Mark A., John S. McCaskill, Norman H. Packard, Emily C. Parke, and Steen R. Rasmussen. “Introduction to recent developments in living technology.” (2013): 291-298.

When the scientific and technological fruits of artificial life are embodied in technology with real practical use, sometimes the result can properly be called living technology [6]. Technology today is becoming increasingly lifelike, and there has recently been increasing foundational discussion of the broader scientific, socioeconomic, cultural, and ethical implications of living technology (e.g., [5, 7]). This special issue of Artificial Life describes recent developments in living technology, and samples current progress and applications in the works. The scientific core of the volume consists of seven articles describing new advances toward living technology. The volume also contains four articles about living technology’s broader social, ethical, and political implications.

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