Daisy world and nuclear energy: two sides of Gaia

Lovelock, James. “Daisy world and nuclear energy: two sides of Gaia.”


James Lovelock is a visionary character, a colourful person and an independent scientific thinker and inventor. Lovelock is widely known for his Gaia theory. The earth is a superorganism, consisting of both living organisms and a non-living environment. Gaia has the ability to self-regulate climate and chemistry of the earth. Lovelock invented instruments to detect chloro-fluoro-carbons and found them present in the atmosphere, but initially judged them not dangerous for human health. Later Lovelock developed the daisy-world computer model to prove that organisms could self-regulate the earth’s climate and that daisy-world does not contradict neo-Darwinism. He proposed ideas how to make Mars habitable, and claimed that radioactivity is as dangerous as breathing oxygen.

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