Comments on ''Chaos in Daisyworld''by X. Zeng et al

Jascourt, Stephen D., and William H. Raymond. “Comments on ‘‘Chaos in Daisyworld’’by X. Zeng et al.” Tellus B 44, no. 3 (1992): 243.

Zeng et al. (1990, henceforth denoted ZPE) found chaotic behavior in daisyworld (Watson and Lovelock, 1983, henceforth denoted WL), a simple nonlinear model of an idealized world con- taining only species of daisies of various albedos. The planetary albedo depends on the coverage of each type of daisy, and the daisies have temperature-dependent growth rates, enabling feedback between the environment (temperature) and the biota (daisies).

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