About the Models category

This category is dedicated to models, aiming to provide ability for the community to participate in exploration and research with open-ended models.

Not all models have published results specifically exploring their open-endedness. But a criterion for them to be listed here is that their evolutionary dynamics seems rich enough to include open-endedness.

For exploration by the community, a requirement for all models listed here is that they have published source code (e.g. in a repository). A topic entry in this category should contain:

  • a brief description of the model
  • any links to articles (e.g. other topic posts in this forum) relevant to the model
  • links to source code, videos, or any other media related to the model
  • notes on implementation that might be useful for others
  • parameter values and/or meta-parameter values of particular interest
  • illustrative images!

Posts in this category with no link to source code will be deleted.