A less abstract artificial chemistry

di Fenizio, P. Speroni, and W. Banzhaf. “A less abstract artificial chemistry.” Artificial Life 7 (2000): 49-53.

We start with AlChemy system (Fontana, 19921, and with four further modification we move into an Artificial Chemistry system where for each element is present an atomic structure, elements follow the conservation laws on the number of atoms, and the operation permits to two elements to generate more than one element. The resulting system still generates Organisations (self-sustaining, closed sets), but a wider vanety of them are easily reachable without imposing any filter rules on the results of the operation [Fontana, and Buss, 19931. The resulting Organisations are nearly equally divided into two classes (A and B), one (A) which contains Organisations that metabolise external elements to keep themselves ‘alive’, while the other (B) tends to expand until no place is left in reactor, without any need on external elements

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