Major Transitons “Major transitions in evolution” is a term coined by John Maynard Smith and Eors Szathmary (The major transitions in evolution, Oxford University Press, 1997). The concept now has a substantial literature, a sample of which is represented on this forum. Examples Phase Transitons Are there phase transitions in evolving systems? If so, what are the “thermodynamic variables” for which the phase transition is observed? How may the phase transitions be characterized, e.g. with critical exponents? Matrix project Matrix refers to a matrix of Models crossed with Measures, or analytics, applied to each model. Nonequilibrium project This project aims to collect results and analytics for evolutionary models that have an explicit form of energy flow, with a meta-parameter controlling how far out of equilibrium the system is. Bifurcations Bifurcations are sudden changes in dynamical behavior as system parameters are varied. What bifurcations are observed as parameters are varied in systems that support open-ended evolution?
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